Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hullooo Me Dear Idyllwilder's...

So what's the whole Ritualistic, Pagan thing about the Summer Solstice?? Me thinks it has to do with New Chapters, Rebirth..etc...or am I being just a tad general here?? :)
Well let's see here...ummm..Is there a ritual for 'Burning of Computer's' for The Solstice? or am I getting it confused with 'Burning Man'!!!Or did the Headier than tho Chakra Shack cover that while I was up Re-installing my AVG that Just up + Went...My Internet Connection..Blog Connection...Ditto..They probably Both got angry that I removed All Their Damn Cookies! But I got My Blog Back..Hah!

Summer Spirituality Sayings>>> 'Dare to Take a Plunge in The Ocean of Emotion'...'Soak in a Pool Of Powerful Thoughts...Often...'

Where would one do that around here anyway? Find delicious cool, clean pools of water with cascading waterfalls along side...Me thinks of Zure Valley...where all the Buffalo University student went to 'chill'...Slippery Place tho...especially going down...& especially on Magic Mushrooms!
So I have heard of this Mysterious Grotto that we have up here..Googled my ***(arse)Toosh off trying to get a pic or 2...seeing if it was 'doable' for those of us who thought a 'backyard' was your Fire Escape...and, a Tree...well..I don't know One City kid who ever dared to climb one..if we even had one round us at all that is. Couldn't find more than a mere thumbnails of the place & only little stories of years past ... it a Viable Option?? or is all about 'slip sliding away' & becoming 'a Bloody Mess' as my friend put it when she saw her teenage daughter return from an attempted early summer swim..and that's a Teenager...they 'do' those sort of things..Not Me..when I go for a swim or a workout...I prefer it to be great place to lay in the sun & crisp the bod get all evenly tanned.then even cellulite looks good right!?But Certainly Not A Death Defying Feat..Thank You Very Much..Those Days are over!
Tho sometimes 'adventures' like those..remind me of Europe..long ago..a Colette novel.. loved reading her during the Hot Summer Months..She could make intense damp heat & sweating poetic & sensual somehow...:)

The Big Thing when I was growing up in Da Bronx was The Beach Clubs..The Cabana Clubs in Westchester..kind of Upstate New could always tell who was doing well..or The Club they joined and the 'size of their Cabana'!!! They even had 2 clubs that did not allow Jews Or That time!
I vaguely remember that we actually had a real car then too...a big Yellow Jalopy..but's all fuzzy...cannot picture being in any car growing up that didn't have a meter...imagine..trying to do Fast Food In Taxi's..Not! per usual..I opted out for a Sleep Away kinda Dude Ranch Scenario..Far Far Away from the Maddening Parents & most demonic 'little brother' , who did that 6-10" sprout while I was away one summer.Scared the hell outta much for all my makeup, perfumes & privacy after that! Chemistry experiments w/ my gifts of Chanel...and just handing my hidden diaries over to The Enemy.

Nothing was a far away couldn't escape..nowhere to run..nowhere to hide.

I did develop close & lasting relationships with the horses I was 'assigned' to over those years...we had to do Everything for them..grooming..shoveling..feeding..but aaahhh The Riding was The Reward..Like Harley's..I always think of them as Urban Horse free..such a attitude adjustment..Galloping Bareback was my Fav..tho I did know how to ride English as wonder I was so obsessed with that movie '9 & 1/2 weeks' ! :) I even 'lost it' to a horse..I Swear! Must have been during one of those 'Camping out under The Stars' nites we had..soooo romantic! Can't even remember his name sad...but I do remember he was a Spotted Palamino ...very sweet...and I did have a ciggie after as I groomed the sweat off of him! :) It is true tho..and I am Sure it has made me the Size Queen I am today! Lol
Well Not silly's..but that Little Man w/ The Cane...'Hymie'..always battling you guys away...well..riding bareback on a full out stallion was too much for our 'little man' so he 'caved in' so to speak.

I gotta tell you about my Jewish Mother & my 1st GYN after That Experience..What a Magilla!!!**(Insanity)I thought she was going to plotz..(**Pass Out)I swear!! Too Funny..this woman who thought only 'sluts' could use Tampax!! Well..maybe TMI??'ll probably love it..

Later then Loves..
Don't Forget..July 17th @9 &11..Mi Hi Cafe..My Comedic Debut opening for the International Ms. Chandelier...get a Babysitter...plan a Late Nite Out..Like a Big City Date but without having to Leave 'The Hill'!

xo The DB

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