Friday, May 14, 2010

More from the Proverbial Wandering And Discombobulated Jewess

Just a few thoughts before I pass out (@ 5pm!) Suffice to say...
Moving Does Not Suit Me!
I just finished unpacking a Plunger, Ant Traps + Spray, + a Broom with Dustpan!! still my beating heart..I need a change of undies from That Shopping Spree!!
Now all I have to throw in are some Super Max Tampons, Herpes Med + some Anti-Snoring Strips and I'll definitely be The Hottest Date In Idyllwild!! Hey..I can even use that Ant, Roach + Spider Spray as an Eau de Cologne..ya know..'Kill Two Birds with One Stone'..whatevah the heck That Means!?.

More ramblings Tomorrow..Promise...I know y'all will be awaiting my pearls of wisdom with bated breath..Correct?

With Love, Light + Laughter

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